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Backrooms Virtual Reality

More Than Just Endless Hallways



Backrooms Virtual Reality is an action-adventure survival game where you explore liminal spaces, encounter entities, scavenge for food, supplies, and weapons, craft items to trade, join factions, and try to survive.


There is a No Gore mode as well as a No Entities Mode to allow you to play the experience you seek. We have tried to recreate all of your favorite levels: The Main 9, Level ! Run for your life, Level 188, The Terror Hotel, Level Fun, The Snackrooms, The Poolrooms, The Sh4dy Gr3y, Kitty's House, The End and so much more. There are mini-games like The Terror Hotel Casino, Skin or No Skin, Backrooms Brawl, Ski Ball, General StarFlares Laser Game, The Charleston Button, Basketball, Squirt Gun Madness, Backrooms Fruit Finale, Music Sequencer, and many more. These levels are complete with bases, outposts, communities, pawn shops, breweries, museums, farmer's markets, and crafting/upgrade workshops. There are also 50+ in-game achievements to accomplish giving you hours of playability.
- Physics-based avatar. Full body or hands only.
- Explore 70+ immersive levels with or without entities
- Enjoy 80+ interactable items to use while exploring, surviving, or in combat
- Slay entities to progress forward and don't let them catch you!
- Build traps to catch entities
- Lots of fun mini-games
- Craft items, shelters, and weapons to help you survive with scavenged materials
- Trade with NPCs to gain valuable items
- Upgrade benches allow you to make better items
- There are three difficulty modes
- Liquid brewers allow you to create new substances and items such as fortified almond water
- Befriend entities and let them fight for you
- There is a sandbox mode where you can spawn items at will, meet the entities, and tinker with backrooms objects
- There's a no gore/no entities mode where you can freely survive among the backrooms
- Cut down trees (we don't promote deforestation) to make shacks
- A front rooms area where you can pick out your loadout and then no-clip into the backrooms
- A vault in your front rooms to store items you've found, achievements you've completed, and special items you've collected
- "Dark" levels, a serious challenge with 4 times the entities, more darkness, murky water, and heightened danger
- Find ways to make Backrooms Bucks
- Meme-friendly environment

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We began this journey purely as a fanart and just couldn't stop ourselves. We are heavily committed to and reliant upon the community to shape the future direction of BrVR. Please drop us a line with any SUGGESTIONS.

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White Room

What Is The Backrooms?

Are you asking yourself what is no-clipping? Do you think creepypasta is a Halloween food item, or a liminal space is just an empty office building? If you answered yes then you should check out some more information at some of our favorite sites on The Backrooms.

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