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Links to the Radio Ralph Backrooms Radio Show

Some people have had success downloading these and converting them to .mp4 files.

You can listen to any audio in-game as long as they are .mp4 files. Access the files in-game with the RADIO ITEM and press the trigger button until you reach CUSTOM AUDIO. It currently only plays one file, but you can use a service like Clideo to join them for free.

To play files you will need to go to the gear icon in STEAM, browse local files -> BrVR117 -> Content -> Movies and replace TestVideo.mp4 with another video containing the audio you want to play. Make sure it's named TestVideo.mp4 and then go into the game, switch to the custom audio channel on the radio and it should play it! Note that volumes are slightly broken currently, it might come in super loud or silent. If you have any issues come over to the DISCORD and we are happy to help. 

Radio Ralph "Level 1/BUZTI Tape" - 24:26

YouTube Link

Radio Ralph "Tough Getting To Work" - 4:28

YouTube Link

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