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BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality version 3.28 “Poolrooms Maze Update”

As usual, John is just crushing bugs, quality of life issues, and suggestions from our awesome Discord and turning it all into reality every week. If you find a bug, a QOL issue, or just have a suggestion you want to see in the game then get over to the Discord and let us know. We are also happy to give you tips, tricks, and answer any questions you might have. 100+ Levels of Backrooms madness to explore in this fan-art gone full blown VR game.

  1. New Poolrooms Complex:

  • The update introduces a sprawling 9-map poolrooms complex with both new and revamped maps.

  • Maps include:

  • Poolrooms Entrance Area (new)

  • Sprawling Poolrooms

  • Poolrooms Showers (new)

  • Water-filled Desert (new)

  • Dark Poolrooms

  • Dead-end House

  • Hotel Pool

  • Red Poolrooms

  • Dead-end Pool Neighborhood

  1. Infinite Hotel Complex in Level Critical:

  • A red neon-themed infinite hotel complex now graces the front of Level Critical. Unlike other areas, it remains less ruined.

  1. Questionnaire Default Settings:

  • During the tutorial, questionnaire questions are now checked by default to prevent accidental omissions.

  1. Rapid-fire Changes:

  • Lactose-free Lucky O’ Milk added.

  • A new song included in Level 480.

  • Minor bug fixes for ammo boxes, full auto scrap, and achievements.

  • Collision bug in Level 9 house resolved.

  • Hive entrance added in Level 8.

  • Poolrooms devrooms entrance removed.

  • Weapon balancing:

  • AK-47 buffed

  • M1 Garand buffed

  • Nerf for G28

  • Entity health adjustments.

  • Windows disabled in the indoor playground.

  • M1 Garand now ejects bottlenecked casings.

  • Level 10 houses receive additional details.

  • Level 5 elevator fixed.

  • Texture and audio file compression (reducing update size).

  • Glitchy rocks fixed in Level Critical.

  • Improved new Level 9.

Fun Fact: This update is 2 GB smaller than version 3.26 without removing any content! Discord(Playtest for free and help shape the game)

BrVR Steam

Our other game: BoD BREAD OR DEAD VR


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