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The Partygoers Put On Their Santa Hats For The Holidays In BrVR

BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality Likes to say Happy Holidays every year by adding a few festive treats to the game for the holidays. Partygoers with Santa hats, a festive Level 11 and lots more in this update. There will also be a limited time BrVR Gift Card that can be found in Level 11 that will be released tomorrow December 24th. For a limited time you can purchase in-game items with your shiny new gift card full of Backrooms Bucks. Just find the card and add the bucks to your inventory.

WooStudios has been busy this holiday season releasing a series of updates to bring some festive cheer to the eerie endless maze of the Backrooms. Did I mention BrVR is Currently 60% off for the Holidays?

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Recent Update Highlights: - We put up Christmas decorations like trees and wreaths in the frontrooms for the holidays. - ‘Tis the season for us to add jolly Partygoers donning festive Santa hats. Their holiday cheer remains as sinister as always.

- We added creepy vintage radios to the unsettling red rooms found scattered across various levels. Turning them on triggers unnerving transmissions and sounds fitting for each level.

- We revamped Level 9.1 with visual touch-ups including improved rock textures, added rubble, and adjusted fog to amplify the unsettling atmosphere.

- We replaced the open spaces in Level 15 with more claustrophobic corridors and back alleys, though still somehow lit in the distance.

- We implemented fixes to prevent players getting stuck in limbo if they fall out of the map by resetting the level.

- We added audio cues to the Level 40 mini games, like beeps when activating buttons and firing sounds from the turrets.

- We added shadows to Level 18 to increase the sense of depth and shifted the color palette to more ominous purples.

- We fixed small visual glitches in Levels 36 and others.

- We added an optical illusion-inducing sideways staircase to a secret sub-level in 370.

- We also implemented many other small tweaks, like increasing door height, adding haptics to objects, and tuning the scrap gun and radio.

WooStudios continues striving to refine the immersive VR experience offered by our Backrooms PCVR fan-art gone wild. Players can look forward to more eerie updates and enhancements in 2023!

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