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BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality is making big moves

For a two person team we are making some serious progress on BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality. We are also proud to announce that our game will be on STEAM July, 15th 2022!

Go check out our page and do us a huge favor by joining our STEAM WISHLIST. We will also be in the STEAM NextFest just before our release. You can currently download the Beta of BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality at You will need a supported Head Mounted Display (Rift, Quest, Quest2, Vive, Valve) and a computer that can run the game(i5/1070).

We have been doing a playtest/walkthrough every day for 35 days on Youtube as well as Streaming on Twitch. Here is a link to our 50 level marathon just giving you a taste of what each level has to offer. There is now a no gore mode, explore mode with no entities, a new upgrade system, the trading system is growing, and we now have achievements and collecting items in your new frontrooms vault. There are 9 new dark levels with extra entities and spookiness. The Shady Gray is live complete with clocks and time dilation. There are new shops in the BNTG Trader's Vault on level 1 including police, fire, bakery, and a pizza place and we've also built out the Snackrooms with a green screen and cool wearables. There is a new Clump gadget from Clump Power, Inc., that helps you see through walls and a wallet system for carrying your cash for trading.

We are super excited for the unveiling of the Poolrooms which are also live and getting big upgrades daily including items to help you survive as long as possible. You can now create friendships with Jerry and other entities then have them help defend you against attack, and so much more.

Thanks for supporting us on this fanart turned school project turned full on Backrooms Virtual reality experience. It's been a lot of fun and amazing times developing this with my amazing partner.

Stay tuned...

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