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BrVR Backrooms VR Update Roundup: Covering the Past Few Devlogs

Wow, it's hard to believe BrVR Backrooms VR has already been on STEAM for a year! Thank you all for keeping us at VERY POSITIVE on STEAM since our Early Access launch last year. So much has changed and improved over the past 12 months thanks to amazing feedback from our playtesters and bug finders. If you would like to playtest for us, we will give you a free key to the game when you join the DISCORD. All that we ask is for you to help us make the game better by finding bugs and making suggestions that help shape the game. We will be going full release in less than a month so it's been all hands on deck to polish, fix bugs, optimize and make the quality of life for our BrVR fam that much better. See the whole devlog here.

Remember we stream live every Saturday on YouTube at 2pm est to answer questions, show off new stuff, hang with our peeps and playtest all of our weekly changes before handing them over to our BrVR fam on STEAM. We also have more content on our channel than you can shake a stick at documenting our journey from the beginning. In the spirit of constant optimization, John did a major performance pass on a ton of levels - no more frame drops in Level FUN or Level 1020! Lighting got atmospheric upgrades too, especially in the Beverly Room. Can't forget the ambience: we added super eerie pipe noises in Level 2 and rare partygoer giggles to keep you on edge just to name a couple. For our 1 year STEAM-iversary, we also introduced integrated workbenches to combine all your crafting, upgrading, ammo making, and liquid brewing needs. You can find these new stations in in various outpost through out the game. You can also save all those items in the upgraded storage vault. No more running around to different stations! We also squashed a ton of bugs you reported and added a new creepier vault model. Thank you playtesters and bug finders!!!

One of our biggest updates recently was infinite procedural generation in level 0, level FUN, level 19, level Redacted, and a couple others. John's new algo is amazing and you will start seeing it more and more. Now you can get lost wandering endless backrooms biomes while still retaining the ever changing core of Level 0!

Lots of polish went into existing levels too. Level RUN and Poolrooms are more vibrant with added detail. We revamped the Terror Hotel Casino and made Jerry less lethal in Level 37 so he doesn't spawn kill anymore (sorry Jerry). The bizarre Level FUN even has a party bazooka now! We removed some outdated stuff like backpack references in the tutorial, and improved interfaces like the ammo crafting. I'm currently watching John put the finishing touches on huge improvements in the entity animations, audio, attack sequences, and huge improvements in being sneaky and hiding from enemies. Remember if you can hear them, they've probably already heard you. Be sure to Playtest our new undead zombie VR shooter Bread Or Dead. Free for a limited time!

As always, join our Discord to help shape BrVR's development. Your feedback is invaluable. We can't wait to see what amazing updates Year 2 will bring! Thanks fam! Paul and John Woo Studios

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