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BrVR Weekly Update: Level 23 Glow Up- Better Gun Attachment System-A New Hand Cannon and MORE

BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality "Attachment Overhaul Update" is now live on STEAM. #PCVR #VR #Backrooms

Gun attachments have been streamlined - one tap to equip/cycle attachments makes them simpler to use. Attachments also carry between levels now. A new 5 minute radio show featuring "Radio Ralph" has been added to the portable radio. A new area with extra rooms and a level 21 exit has been added to level 20. Level 23 has been revamped with an upside down ground ceiling and new glow rooms with treasure and a level 46 exit. A new hand cannon weapon has been added that fires a single heavy round. Some firing sounds for weapons have been made more impactful. The 1887 shotgun now correctly displays ammo visually. A fatal error preventing progress on level 94 has been fixed. Overall the update brings impactful sound, visual, and gameplay improvements across multiple levels, items, and weapons. See you in a few more days for another bussin update. Be on the lookout for Partygoers with Santa Hats. That's no cake by the way... Join the Discord to see all the new stuff on the way, fix bugs, post memes or make any suggestions. You can also submit a user made level with Unreal Engine 4.25 and we are happy to help you do it.

Thanks fam, Paul and John Woo Studios

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