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Explore New Horrors in the Latest Update for BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality

Woo Studios has unleashed a thrilling new update for their popular VR survival horror game BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality on STEAM. Version 3.27 transports players to eerie new depths with fresh scares. This meaty update adds new sights and sounds to tantalize the senses. Players can now discover two haunting new musical tracks to set the mood, courtesy of suggestions from the community. The ambient sounds of the game also got an upgrade, with higher-quality compressed audio for a more immersive experience.

Of course, what's a Backrooms update without new ways to unsettle players? This release adds a lurking new threat in the oceans of Level 8, guaranteed to have players looking over their shoulders. Those who crave a challenge can also check out reimagined designs for levels -5 and 9, now more visually striking and laden with extras to discover.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new recruit, this update opens up expanded horrors to explore in the endless Backrooms. Will you dare see how far you can descend into the darkness? Find out in the latest version of BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality. BUY NOW ON STEAM What is this game all about? BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality is a PCVR fan-art project. Think of it as the Backrooms Wikidot in Virtual Reality. John and I are a father son indiedev duo who are enamored with The Backrooms and love making Virtual Reality games in our spare time. We initially just wanted to make a "high effort" Reddit post. The idea was to recreate the wikidot pictures in Unreal Engine so that people could just look around the room as we imagined it would look. After answering a Reddit post by our now good friend u/LocalLawfulness for someone to please make a VR Backrooms experience, we decided to take on the challenge as we were looking for a new programming project for school anyway.

Our ultimate goal is to make it a Virtual Reality WikiDot where people can create levels and submit them to be in the game. As of November 2023 that has become a reality as we added the amazing LEVEL THETA from our good friend Gatch13, an active member and playtester from our Discord. We literally rely on our amazing community, who we truly consider family, to help shape this massive fan-art project. Thanks fam!John and Paul #pcvr #backrooms #fanart #indiegamedev #vr #virtualrealitygames #SteamVR #unrealengine

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